Men of Letters symbol, TVs Supernatural-inspired Fan Art, vinyl car/laptop decal

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Men of Letters symbol, TVs Supernatural-inspired, vinyl car decal, Sam and Dean, Winchester Boys, Hunters, Bitch, Jerk, Idjit, Bobby, Devil's Trap, Castiel, Crowley, Salt and Burn, Anti-Possession, Demon, demon repellent, Angel, Impala; vinyl decal measures 3-3/4"w x 3-3/4"h (9.5cm x 9.5cm).

The symbol for the Men of Letters is the shape of the Aquarian Star, also known as the Unicursal Hexagram, so-called because it can be drawn unicursally - that is in one continuous movement. This is important when forming figures in magical rituals. The Unicursal Hexagram is described as the magical Star of Solomon as opposed to the Star of David. The tribe of Solomon or the Masons use a similar symbol represented by a Square and Compass. -


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